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Watching me  

b4free4u 44M
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6/18/2021 2:11 pm
Watching me

I love being watched while stroking my cock, it’s such a turn on. I travel for work sometimes and stay in hotels which leaves ample time for stroking. I finally got up the nerve one night leave the curtains open while having a session. I was on the top floor and had another hotel directly across the street. With the curtains open anyone at the other hotel could see in my room and watch me if they wanted to. I stripped down and layed on the bed so hard and aroused, and very nervous about getting in trouble. I started stroking and looking across the way for any open curtains with a possible watcher!
After a short while I saw that a woman was in her room sitting in a chair on the phone looking directly at me. I wasn’t sure if she was watching or not as she was just sitting there talking. I was slowly stroking and trying not to cum too fast as this was so exciting! She finished her call and sat there a couple more minutes before getting up and heading into the next room of her suite. She opened the curtains in that room and flashed me her ass and breasts which made me immediately cum so hard! As I was laying there quivering she waved, smiled and slowly closed the curtains. That was such an amazing experience which I would love to experience again!

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6/18/2021 9:55 pm

nice to know stuff like that happens in real life

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author51 58F
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6/18/2021 11:51 pm

Now that would be fun to watch for both of you. I like the ladies style..xoxo

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