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Are you really straight?  

mmfourmm 57M
7 posts
6/17/2021 6:44 am
Are you really straight?

So, for all the guys who list themselves at straight, I’m curious…have you ever…

If more than one answer applies, please put explain in comments.
Let a guy blow you?
Let a guy jerk you off?
Fucked another guy?
Blown another guy?
Jerked off another guy?
More than two of the above.
More than three of the above.
More than four of the above.
More than the list above...

PantyCurious865 46T
287 posts
6/20/2021 8:24 am

Haven't yet butt would love to try all.

mmfourmm 57M

6/21/2021 7:04 am

I like the picture that you included. It speaks to me in terms of what I would like to do with my cock.

lucyb4u 34T
4 posts
7/4/2021 8:32 am

it gets hard t resist thought i was straight for years since accepting and finding i should be fem hormones and life guys and cocks and anal seemsa must long to free and find learn i can please and be accepted as girl i was meant to be

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